Friendship, confidence and respect were all things talked about in a local Girl Scout troop meeting Tuesday as a way to celebrate International Day of the Girl.

The troop used the day to go over 11 laws they live by including being friendly, helpful and considerate.

"We want to help the world more, help the community and maybe make some new friends" says Girl Scout Victoria W.

"The stuff that we've been learning is how to build up our confidence and self esteem" says Girl Scout Annalyssa C.

The Girl Scouts organization emphasizes education and entrepreneurship through things like cookie sales and stem learning, to help young women become well rounded leaders when they grow up.

"It's not just about selling cookies it's teaching them about entrepreneurship, it's teaching them about finances and how to run their own business for the future" says Troop leader Suki Hammarlund.

To her the day is all about being true to yourself and following your heart, values she tries to instill in her young daughter everyday.

"It's important to empower them so they know they can be anything they want to be" says Hammarland.

She went on to say that she hopes the troop meetings are helping all the girls be confident in their own skin and love being a girl, some girl scouts say it's already working.

"I like the girl scouts because it helps the world and actually helps me a little bit" says Victoria W.

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