A Harker Heights High School coach received the shock of a lifetime a few weeks ago when he first learned he had leukemia. Now his school is rallying behind him to let him know he doesn't have to travel the difficult journey alone.

Teachers and students at Harker Heights High school are still in disbelief that Kye Robertson, a baseball and football coach at the school, has cancer. Kye says hearing that he had cancer was hard but telling his families both at home and on the field was even harder.

"He's an important coach to me and just like these bracelets we wear says no one fights alone we can't let him do it alone he's pretty young and that's a tough fight" says Jameel Hodges, Harker Heights Football.

Along with bracelets the coaches and players are also selling shirts that say "Knight strong for Coach Rob" to raise money for Kye's expensive medical bills. Administrators say they sold 500 shirts in the first two hours and had to order hundreds more to fill the demand. Some athletes are even taking it a step further and mowing Kye's yard while he's getting treatment in Houston. To them it's the Harker Heights way.

"Every game that we play is dedicated to Coach Rob. We go out there everyday and do our best to show that he's not in this alone and that we're with him everyday" says Jacob Mitchell, Harker Heights Baseball.

Members of the coaching staff say they're proud of the students for so quickly taking the initiative to help their brother in need.

"You know those guys just rise up the leaders rise up and it's exciting because you know they are going to be good citizens in the future" says Randy Culp, Harker Heights Head Baseball Coach.

Kye says the amount of love and support he's received from the entire Harker Heights High community has been overwhelming and inspires him to keep going.

"Mowing my yard, selling these shirts for me and going out of their way to text or call me, it makes you want to fight" says Kye Robertson.

Kye will be in Houston for the next 2 to 3 months receiving treatment. If you would like to donate to Kye and his family you can do so at the link below.