As Houston continues dealing with catastrophic flooding, people in central Texas are stepping in to help.

Channel 6 spoke with a Temple man whose family is in Houston had to evacuate.

John Yorsky is just one of the countless people in central Texas worried about friends and family in Houston. He said his family was forced out of their homes, some of which have been completely destroyed.

Over the past several days, around four feet of rain has fallen in the Houston area. The storm has now shattered the national record for rainfall from a single tropical storm.

Thousands of people have been rescued from flooding homes, and search and rescue efforts are still ongoing and will likely continue for some time.

It is estimated more than 30,000 people require temporary shelter, and the latest number show 450,000 people are expected to seek federal disaster aid after losing everything.

Yorsky’s family lives in Channelview, just east of Houston.

They saw flood waters rise as much as eight-feet.

He said they have no idea when they’ll be able to return home.

“It’s so rapidly changing, it all depends on when they can get back,” Yorsky said. “I know the first thing you do is get everything out of the house and lay it on sidewalks.

He said this is the second time they’ve lost their home in 10 years and everything is gone. However, the family is safe and are staying in a hotel.