HEALTHY HABITS- Every healthy habit starts with a healthy decision. Those decisions aren't always positive when you don't have a healthy mind. This weeks healthy habits is focused on helping you develop the skills you need to have a healthy mindset. Our Heidi Alagha spoke to Dr. David Blackburn with Baylor Scott & White to go over some tips to help you live right.

1. Stop and Breathe, it helps the brain and the body relax.

2. Try writing down your thoughts to help the brain slow down when it's racing.

3. Meditation actually works. It's proven to help relax the brain.

4. Avoid taking a nap. While it's easy to stop your brain from over thinking by simply napping, Dr. Blackburn says it can actually mess up your sleeping cycle.

5. Exercise. Avoiding the nap and exercising instead can go a long way. Dr. Blackburn says doing so regularly can help you establish a healthy mindset.

6. Don't think in advance. Focus on today, not yesterday, not tomorrow.

7. Don't dwell over things you cant control. Dr. Blackburn says many people tend to get upset over the things that are out of their control or reach, causing anxiety and frustration to the brain.

Follow these steps and you're one step closer to having a healthier life.