A sign supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was defaced by a vandal in Waco overnight.

When McLennan County Democratic Party leaders drove past the sign on Monday, they noticed male genitalia had been spray-painted over the names of Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine.

On Monday afternoon, Democrats, including local party chair Mary Duty, gathered to remove the vandalized sign, which was placed at 713 Elm Avenue by City Councilman Wilbert Austin five days earlier. They replaced the sign with a new, larger one, which they plan to monitor so it does not get defaced like the last one.

The original damaged sign only cost $25 dollars, but party officials said they were more concerned with the principle of the crime than the money because they believe the vandalism infringed on their right to free speech.

Waco Police were notified on the incident. And, party leaders were investigating whether or not surveillance cameras captured the crime.

If caught, the person responsible could be charged with criminal mischief because Texas state law makes defacing a campaign sign a crime. The penalty could range from a hefty fine to jail time.