An orphanage in Haiti overseen by a local Belton organization is damaged after crossing paths with Hurricane Matthew. The organization is now calling on Central Texans to help.

Hope for the Hungry is a local charity organization that's provided help and resources to communities in Haiti for decades. Directors of the organization say they weren't expecting to see such devastation from the hurricane and now need community help to fill the large demand for food, money and building supplies.

"I got reports two days ago of the need for 35 million meals in the next 6 months to be sent down to Haiti, it's brutal it is devastating" says Jeff Pedigo, Hope for the Hungry Public Relations Director.

Directors say the hurricane wiped out critical food sources for the community like banana trees, gardens and farms that will take years to replenish.

"All of the agriculture is gone there are no more trees, there are no more farms and all of the gardens are gone so we're looking at a few years worth of damage" says Jen Sutton, Director of Children's Ministries.

On top of restricted access to food, they say their orphanage suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage. None of the children living in the orphanage were harmed by the damage but those at Hope for the Hungry say the rebuilding process will be difficult.

"To the boys home we have fences that have come down, walls that have come down and also roofs that have literally been torn off of the buildings. Praise the lord that everybody is safe but now we need to get all the accommodations back up to standards" says Sutton.

Despite the devastation directors say people in Haiti are strong and that the ones they've talked to on the ground there say despite the odds they're hopeful.

"There is hope and we know that we can rise above this and we know that those people in Haiti can rise above this too" says Pedigo.

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