WACO - Hundreds of people will be out shopping for Halloween decorations and candy as the day approaches. But the most important item, and perhaps the most expensive, is the Halloween costume.

Fortunately there are a few ways that you can save some cash while shopping for costumes this year.

Stores like Target will set you back $25 to $45 dollars if you want to suit up as your favorite super hero. Other costumes are less expensive, Disney princesses start at 10 dollars, but that doesn't count the many accessories.

The good news is that Target will also have a few one-day sales before the holiday arrives that could knock down the prices as much as 30 percent.

But you can save even more on costumes if you're will to get a little creative. Second hand stores like Heart of Texas Goodwill locations also have plenty of Halloween costumes but with a different selection. Some of those are new in the package and discounted around 50 percent. Other costumes have been donated and are available for as little as $5. If you have time to be creative you can mix and match costumes and accessories without spending more than $15.

Heart of Texas Goodwill also has a costume contest going on that awards a cash prize. Adults or children can combine any two items in the goodwill store to create a unique costume and send in a picture to info@hotgoodwill.org. One Adult and one child will each get a 100 dollar gift card each.

Wherever you shop, you might want to get out to the store soon. Sales managers say costumes are already going fast.