If you are a parent, you know how difficult it can be to get your child to talk to you about their problems.

Channel 6 sat down with a child therapist who says that the most common mistake parents make is their initial reaction to any situation their child brings to the table.

It is a natural and common reaction for parents to act angry or be in shock. Therapist, Josh Kellar said that first reaction can put a child in an uncomfortable position to where they will no longer want to talk. He says the child doesn't the parents reaction to add to the difficulty of the situation.

"One of the things i really encourage parents to do is try and keep communication channels open when things are going well," he said. "If you wait until things are going poorly to try and have that open relationship with your kid but that base and foundation wasn't there to begin with, then the kid wont be as likely to open up."

As parents continue to strengthen their relationships with their children, it is important to always remember that you most likely will not be getting all the answers right away.

"Sometimes its best for parents to just take a deep breath, then approach the kid when they've had time to cool off a bit," Keller said.