The Humane Society of Central Texas renewed Tuesday its urgent call for families to adopt animals after being forced to euthanize three dogs Monday due to overcrowding.

The shelter's Executive Director Don Bland said animal control authorities confiscated nine pitbulls Monday, in a situation that caused nine cages to be full -- that would otherwise have been used to house other animals. Because the pitbull owner did not relinquish the animals for adoption, they will continue to be held -- taking up space but unable to be adopted by new owners -- until any future decisions are made in court.

Even without the pitbull situation, Monday had already seen an abnormally high number of intakes. Bland said 50 animals came in Monday. That number is usually below 30 for a typical Monday.

Monday's high intake came in the midst of an overcrowded summer. It has been three or four years since the shelter has seen such a high rate of animals walking through its doors, Bland said.

"I know the city doesn't want to euthanize any animals," Bland said. "That is absolutely a last resort."

In an effort to save the lives of more animals, the Humane Society of Central Texas is offering free sponsored adoptions of any animals that were already spayed and neutered on Tuesday.

The shelter is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday until 5 p.m. It is located at 2032 Circle Road in Waco. Click here for directions.

To reach the shelter, call 254-754-1454. To view adoptable animals, click here.

You can also make a donation by clicking here.