III Corps will be deploying to the Middle East soon to continue the fight against ISIS.

III Corps Lieutenant General Paul Funk will be leading a team of 90,000 troops from 72 countries overseas in the war on terror.

"Each one is mission specific," Funk said. "The last one was to get the fight with ISIS started."

Funk said it is still a tough fight.

“There’s a lot to do," Funk said. "We’re fighting on the ground, but we’re also fighting in the cyber world too. And in the information sphere and that’s a little different. So, we really have to be, this is a fight against an ideology.”

Lieutenant General Funk is not a stranger to southeast Asia.

This will be the seventh deployment and he will be joined by about 250 III Corps Soldiers from Fort Hood.

Funk admits he is a little nervous, but said his emotions are normal as the soldiers head into the fight overseas.

"You're nervous for your people," Funk said. "You're nervous that your nation is counting on you and so you don't want to let them down either."

Funk will be a joint task force commander -- with a total force effort comprised of the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard.

The War on Terror has proven to be a battle on many fronts.

"Air, land, sea, cyber... we have to continue to press them on every front," Funk said.

Funk claims the fight is one against an ideology, but there is more to the mission plan -- a goal to help nations like Iraq and Syria rebuild.

The general notes such countries will need construction workers to rebuild the infrastructure in the Middle East. He hopes that a year from now, Iraq and Syrian refugees can return to their homes, and the start of negotiations to a more peaceful Middle East will commence.