Officer Will Graeber who was injured last week while serving a warrant is expected to make a full recovery, according to Waco Sergeant Patrick Swanton.

Graeber had several injuries, including broken ribs, pelvis and a collapsed lung.

Sergeant Swanton released the following statement:

Will is making leaps and bounds (figurative speaking I'm sure he would add) on his healing. Doctors have said that Will is out of the woods and they expect a full recovery. He is scheduled to begin rehab as of Monday. The family would again like us to thank everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers for all involved.They, as we, continue to be so impressed by the way the community has responded to a horrible event. We will continue to heal together as a city. We all have to remember that another family has a loved one that they mourn the loss of as well. For them, you too are in our thoughts and prayers as you struggle with the aftermath of this event.