A Fort Hood Military Intelligence Team is finishing up their last major training requirement before deployment in the fall.

The soldiers are at a detention training facility on Camp Bullis in San Antonio this week.

The key to the operation is communication between intel soldiers, military police security and the leaders back on post.

It is about finding a common vocabulary between the different players.

Charlie Village on Camp Bullis is one of 10 mock Afghan villages, but for these soldiers and role-players, it is a real scenario.

“So today, we had an integrated operation between our intelligence capabilities and maneuver elements that’s providing security,” Captain Samantha Robinett, Company Commander, 504th MI Brigade said.

The facility known as IDTF is a premiere facility in the country opening back in 2008 when the Army realized there was a gap in intel collection training.

Now, units from around the country learn to ask the right questions and analyze information to ensure stability overseas.

“LT. Michael de Oliveira, Platoon Leader, 504th MI Brigade said he is enjoying it.

“We’ve been training for six months. And being able to see my teams down to the lowest echelon of two soldiers practicing the skills they’ve been training over the past six months,” he said.

Intelligence collection helps commanders decide future moves in combat environments, according to the MI Brigade leaders.

The training is valuable.

“How to cross talk between each other, how to coordinate movement techniques and communication, so that’s not something we get to do on a daily basis back at Fort Hood,” Colonel Laura Knapp, 504 Military Intelligence Brigade Commander said.

Once the soldiers complete the training, they will be certified in Human Intelligence Collection and ready for missions overseas.