WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEWS CENTER) -- With many questions surrounding the role Ivanka Trump will play in her father's administration, the first daughter has landed a West Wing office at the white house, politico reports. This comes less than a week after she took center stage during German chancellor Angela Merkel's visit with Trump at the White House.

Ivanka's attorney Jamie Gorelick said, his client will serve as the president’s “eyes and ears” while providing broad-ranging advice. "She is also in the process of obtaining a security clearance and is set to receive government-issued communications devices this week," according to politico.


In a statement to politico, Ivanka Trump said: "I will continue to offer my father my candid advice and counsel, as I have for my entire life,” she said. “While there is no modern precedent for an adult child of the president, I will voluntarily follow all of the ethics rules placed on government employees."