A visiting judge removed 19th District Court Judge Ralph Strother from the first Twin Peak biker trial.

Burnett County Judge Dan Mills said District Judge Matt Johnson could take over the case from Strother.

Judge Strother was already removed from three other biker trials before Monday's decision.

Jake Carrizal's trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday, but his lawyer, Casey Gorto, said she plans to file another motion to recuse the next judge set to take the bench.

The state claims Gotro is trying to delay this case for trial.

Gotro said Judge Strother should be removed because "he's biased towards the district attorney." Gotro added she feared her client would not get a fair trial with Judge Strother on the bench.

Carrizal's lawyer also claimed she's had troubles getting evidence from the state such as audio recordings.

On Monday, Gotro was asked why she plans to file a motion to also recuse Judge Johnson.

"I believe the facts are all the same," Gotro said. "You guys can come around in the morning and hear it."

Jury selection is supposed to begin in the morning. A panel of 160 are expected to be in attendance.