The first Twin Peaks biker trial is delayed again after a panel of about 145 potential jurors were sent home Wednesday morning.

Courthouse officials said they want a fresh set of jurors from the area.

The case will indeed go to trial, but out of an abundance of caution, Judge Matt Jonson dismissed the panel of jurors for good. That is because they had been sent home three times already without the selection process even starting.

Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal is the first biker to go to trial. His attorney Cassie Gotro got Judge Ralph Strother recused. She also filed a motion to have Judge Johnson recused but that was denied.

The delays prevented the judges from giving standard instructions to the panel.

The Attorneys came back to court at 8:00 a.m. and along with Judge Johnson, they made the decision to dismiss the current panel.

“But because of multiple visits with the jury here and each time they were here previously a recusal request had been filed,” District Clerk John Gimble said. “there was a very limited or nonexistent amount of communication that would be normal in the course of the trial.”

Channel 6 was also told that a pretrial conference was needed before moving forward. The potential jurors were paid a total of $87.50.

The new panel has been summoned to appear in court on September 29.

Channel 6 reached out to the 54th District Court and were told the new trial date for Christopher Carrizal has not been set.