The Killeen Police Department has installed a new call box in their North precinct in an effort to combat crime.

The idea behind the call boxes is to more efficiently streamline police resources.

Killeen has seen an alarming uptick in crime over the past year and the department is looking for ways to get more officers out on the street to help prevent that from continuing.

The call box is set up at the precinct on North 2nd street and is equipped with two buttons, a black one for non-emergencies and a red one for emergencies. Police said the box will take the place of officers who once had to man a desk position at the precinct and allow them to get out on the streets.

Interim Police Chief Margaret Young said that although the system may take some getting used to, the department believes this is the best way to fight back against rising crime rates.

“Making the best use of the officers I have will directly result in keeping the citizens safe,” Young said.

About six more officers per day will be out on the street in order to try and manage a growing crime problem in the city of Killeen.

The department is hoping that by upping those patrol numbers and utilizing the call box, crime numbers will start to go down.