The wife of a civilian employee at Fort Hood is exploring creative ways to express her artwork through origami.

Chun Hui Pak discovered her love for art in 1979. Her work has now been shown in at least 20 galleries across the country, including New York City.

But Pak's artwork isn't just catching eyes in the Big Apple.

Pak won an art competition recently, and many of her colorful pieces are on display in major Texas markets. Dozens of Pak's paintings are on display in Dallas, and nearly 16 are shown in Houston.

Pak's exposure has left her mark on the community.

Before finding her passion for origami, she tried out different forms of art over the years -- starting with figures and switching to abstract paintings.

"Some new shape I was folding, I made an error," Pak told Channel 6. "So as I was unraveling I thought gosh, all these years, I was teaching my kids and I was folding origami. I never looked at inside, what it looks like when you open it up."

One of her pieces -- "Year of the Rooster II" -- won the ArtBlocks competition in Houston and is now on a large billboard display in the city.

Pak's origami art is on display at a gallery in Houston titled "Unfolded". A Dallas museum has featured her work in an exhibit called "Geometric Investigations".

For Pak, origami art is more than just a hobby. It's a therapeutic experience each time she picks up a brush.

"You go into kind of zen-like state, making art no matter what I do. It's very meditative," Pak said. "Is this texture working? You're thinking constantly."

If you'd like to check out more of Pak's artwork, you can visit her website here.

She will be featuring her work coming up at the East Austin Studio Tour November 11-12 and 18-19.

Her work has been featured at galleries including the Cindy Lisica Gallery, Luminarte Gallery and Davis Gallery.