Dozens expressed their concerns at a city council meeting Tuesday over the recent news in the past few months that the HOP system will no longer run bus routes 7,21, and 30 in Killeen for financial reasons.

DaZona Director Jacqueline Paprzycki said students may not have the transportation means to get them back and forth, so they lose out on an opportunity to be part of a community again.

The lack of bus routes also affects parents like Angela Loftin, who need the service, and makes a little life tougher.

"Being a parent of a special needs child is pretty tough," Loftin said. "When you find somebody who will watch her and take good care of her during the day so you can finally go back to work it means a lot. And then for the transportation company to want to stop servicing these clients to DaZona it's a crime. In my opinion, it's a form of discrimination."

Public comments were not accepted in Tuesday's meeting.

However, there was a brief discussion about the issue between council members, and the council voted unanimously to move forward with the item and discuss the problem in detail at a city workshop in two weeks.