Despite talk of peace and coming together at Thursday nights town hall meeting, another fight broke up Friday morning across the street from Killeen high school, a video also surfaced online showing the brawl.

KISD School Board President Terry Delano told Channel 6 News that all of this student violence is a top priority and major concern for the school board, he says he's asked KISD Superintendent John Craft to look deeper into the situation.

"We know that we have to have discipline in our schools to have an effective education plan. We're very concerned about this and I'm confident that the administration will get this under control. We will have safe schools in Killeen ISD" says KISD Board President Terry Delano.

Around the same time Friday morning's brawl broke out, people joined together across town for a more peaceful reason. Local pastors and city leaders called upon a higher power to bring change to area schools Friday morning, by gathering at Shoemaker High to pray for peace and healing.

"It's our desire that people will become more engaged, step off the fence and move from indifference to action. This is certainly a start because prayer can do what we can't do to address the issues beneath the surface that manifest themselves into these kinds of negative behaviors" says Pastor Philemon Brown.

An alumni of Shoemaker High says he's embarrassed by the negative reputation facing his alma mater, he hopes sharing his testimony with community members and Shoemaker students will help keep them on the right track.

"I've seen some of my friends who have graduated pass away or be incarcerated, being able to share that with them may be an opportunity to save their lives. I want to be able to show them that there is a better life and catch them before they go down some of the wrong paths" says Darryl Leonard, Shoemaker High Class of 2006.

The group says they plan to have more prayer circles in the future.