Four days after Curtis Shelley was allegedly gunned down by his neighbor, his family said they finally met with police about the case. The family had a three-hour meeting with the lead detective on the case Thursday afternoon. This comes after the family said their previous calls to police have gone unanswered.

The family said they asked the detective why the suspect has not been identified, arrested or charged. They claim the detective tells them it's because they are still gathering evidence and witness statements.

Questions have emerged from the family about the suspect's alleged ties to a KPD officer. The detective supposedly told the family there is no cover up going on and said if the suspect is related to an officer that will play no role in any charges filed.

The family said they're glad they have finally established an open line of communication with KPD about the shooting. However they are still concerned they are getting the run around when asking about the shooting suspect.

"When it happens to your family you want everything to hurry, something to be done and to feel like you're getting closer to the truth. Now there's the feeling of wanting the guy to at least be arrested," Diane Shelley, the victims grandmother said.

"I wish they could move faster but they're telling us to give them time to get everybody's statements," said Beverly Maire the victims fiance'.

The family also claimed the case detective told them the Texas Rangers will review the case before it's handed over to the Bell County District Attorney's Office.

Detectives said they are still hoping for more witnesses to come forward. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact police.