A group of Killeen parents are speaking out today after they say their high schoolers got jumped multiple times by their peers and that the district isn't doing anything about it.

"He's walking home from school around 5:30 and I get a phone call and it's Matt, he says about 30 kids just jumped us" says Shelly Hewitt, Shoemaker High parent.

Shelly Hewitt says her son has been jumped multiple times by his peers at Shoemaker High and claims that the school and local police officials aren't doing anything to help.

"They're passing us around, I was told there was going to be more police presence and I haven't seen it. I want answers because we aren't seeing repercussions for these poor actions" says Hewitt.

Another mom says she withdrew her son from Shoemaker last week after he was jumped.

"My son got jumped at the school and the school didn't notify me, didn't medically evaluate him and let him get on a bus and ride home for an hour with a concussion. I feel it's the schools responsibility to ensure the safety of our children, we send them to school to get an education not to get jumped or fear for their lives" says Erica Brown, Former Shoemaker High parent.

A third mom claims her son was jumped by 15 kids after school one day and that he needed medical attention after the fight.

"They had to take him to the emergency room, his friend told me he was in the emergency room where the doctor stated if he got hit one more time in the back he'd be paralyzed" says Natascha Johnson, Shoemaker High parent.

Another mom lives on a street behind the school and says her neighborhood is a fighting hot spot for Shoemaker students, she claims there's around 5 fights in the area per week and says when the high school lets out everyday she leaves the area for a while so she can avoid the violence.

The district released a statement to Channel 6 News saying in part that they take these allegations very seriously and encourage parents to report the incidents to them so they can investigate.

However these moms say they've been doing that and are getting the run around. Despite their different backgrounds all the moms share one thing in common and that's that they want all children to have a safe and positive place to learn.

For information on a social media page where parents in the area discuss solutions to problems in the area visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/337569906441943/?fref=nf