Senate Bill 4, targeting so-called sanctuary cities is officially a law in the state of Texas.

Governor Gregg Abbott signed the law on Facebook Live Sunday night.

The law allows police to ask about a person’s immigration status. It also states law officials who do not comply with federal authorities can be forced to pay a fine or even face jail time.

The law has caused a lot of controversy in recent months. Supporters said it will help crack down on crime. However, those against the law, including several police chiefs across the state said it will lead to racial profiling, lawsuits and cause mistrust in Latino communities.

Channel 6 spoke to Killeen Police Chief Margaret Young about the law Monday. She said if there is a state law, her department will be in compliance with it, bottom line. Young said people living in Killeen should not expect to see any drastic changes.

“Well this actually is gonna require no major changes in reference to our actual operations and policies,” she said. “We’ve never limited what officers could ask or do in reference to immigration status.”

Over the next few months, Young will be meeting with the police departments legal advisor and the city attorney to talk about interpretations of the law. As far as the additional training she said all departments will get a briefing and learn if any changes or additional training need to take place.