KILLEEN -- The City of Killeen is pushing back after a rash of residential burglaries hit the city this year.

In 2015 there were 729 residential burglaries reported in the city. In 2016 Killeen has already seen 785.

On Wednesday Killeen City Councilman Brockley Moore brought Killeen Police Department and KISD representatives together with the local community at Pershing Baptist Church to find our what resources the city has available to help. After-school youth programs and services were one part of that presentation, but another was the KPD neighborhood watch program.

With the neighborhood watch program KPD will provide citizen groups with basic safety tips and training to report suspicious people and vehicles in their neighborhood.

To start a watch group, citizens can contact Crime Prevention Coordinator Tammy Moseley at 254 501 8805.

The individual who makes the call must say how many people are committed to the group and what area the watch will cover.

Moseley will then schedule a meeting with the group to go over crime statistics in the area and explain officer shifts, go over safety guidelines, and explain how to report vehicles or individuals that do not belong in the neighborhood.

Each neighborhood watch sign will cost $35. Watch groups need to meet at least twice a year, but frequent meetings are recommended. Moseley said that committed watch groups can have a major impact on the safety of their community.

"We've had crime reduction of 65 percent to 75 percent in neighborhood watches," Moseley said. "Whether it is walking the dog or seeing the neighbors, just being aware of what is going on in the neighborhood and surroundings is so important for the program."