The City of Killeen will begin Zone 5 of its Clean '17 program on Monday.

According to a press release, Zone 5 is the area from Interstate 14 north to Rancier Avenue and from WS Young Drive east to Roy Reynolds Drive, plus the area south of Rancier and east of Roy Reynolds to the city limits.

The Clean '17 program was initiated to enforce health and safety code violations among businesses, residences and lots throughout the city of Killeen. Killeen was divided into nine zones, and officers are searching each zone for approximately 30 days to identify code violations of the businesses, residences, and lots in that area.

Common residential code violations include junk vehicles, high grass, care of premises, trash and graffiti. Meanwhile, Commercial code violations include the same categories along with property maintenance, signage, parking lots and dumpster areas.

The City of Killeen encourages its residents to learn more about the city codes at

Zone 4's work has been completed, and officers found 1,197 violations in 1,172 inspections performed. Most of the violations handed out were for care of premises and high grass and weeds. Most property owners complied, so only 11 citations were issued among Zone 4.