A group of veterans from Killeen are itching to get to Florida to help.

One problem, three trips to southeast Texas have dried up their funds.

The trio has experience helping in disaster relief from the military, but in order to help now – they need your help.

They have maxed out credit cards and dried up savings accounts, but they want to keep helping fellow Americans in need after the storm has passed.

“We realized how much help we can do and Americans need help,” James Everard said.

For these three veterans from Killeen, the call to help never stops.

“My oath was to help,” Henry Simpson said. “and this is one way I can help even though I’m not in the military anymore.”

James Everard, Henry Simpson and Joshua Greves went to help their fellow Texans – three times.

“I’m sitting here at home in Centex, around my friends and having a good time and there’s people down there that have nothing,” Greves said. “they don’t get to have time.”

And now, after Hurricane Irma bore down on the southeast crawling its way up Florida’s west coast, they want to help again.

The trio is planning to leave for Florida on the September 19.

However, there is one major problem.

“I’m broke now with a maxed-out credit card, but I started out much lower,” Simpson said. “For me, I have more time and effort I can put in to this, I don’t have much money left to spend on this.”

Everard said they were just doing as much fundraising as he can.

“If I need to, I’ll take out a loan and go further in debt,” Everard said.

That is why this group of friends is asking for help. Their previous trips to southeast Texas after Harvey were self-funded. Thousands of dollars spend on everything from water and food to bandages and bleach.

“We’re going to go help some people out,” Everard said.

A decision they said was a no brainer.

“The decision was ‘Hey Jim, hey man, when are we going?’ and if we can get the money, let’s go.” Greves said.

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