The people of Rockport are happy to be alive tonight but are now left to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Harvey ripped through their community. The seaside community was hit the hardest when Harvey rolled through leaving homes destroyed and people with nothing but the clothes on their back, now a Killeen woman with ties to the area is stepping in to help.

Killeen resident Tammy Molina-Moore is a professor at Texas A&M Central Texas who often helps with disaster relief situations just out of the kindness of her heart. However, this time around she has a personal connection to Rockport and says she couldn't stand by when so many need assistance.

Moore says her brother has been a deputy with the Aransas Sheriffs Department in Rockport for several years.

Moore says she was devastated when she learned of the destruction Harvey brought to the area, and claims she didn't sleep until she learned her brother and his family were ok.

The cleanup process is now underway there so Tammy is reaching out to the Central Texas community for donations and supplies to take down to those in need.

"The other night I felt absolutely helpless as I watched everything that was occurring and I couldn't get a hold of my brother knowing he was there. I was feeling heartbroken and for myself having a home that was destroyed in the past and knowing how upsetting that is I wanted to do something to help out the people in the community" says Moore.

Moore plans to make the trip down to Rockport Thursday. She is accepting items including clothing, food, water, gift cards and more. These items can be dropped off at the Social Work Department office located on the 4th floor of Texas A&M Central Texas beginning Monday morning at 8 am. A Go Fund Me link has also been established for this cause here: