We've all come to know and love the positive sign lady, helping local drivers get through their day with inspirational messages. However we didn't know much about the woman behind the sign until today. Ashley Booker is a mom of two girls who worked a paper route and runs an at home daycare, but after losing her job at the paper combined with parents not paying for her child care services, Ashley's funds quickly ran out causing the bank to foreclose upon her home. She has three days to pay up 3200 dollars or move.

"It can't be so, I can't lose this house with all the giving and the serving that I do" says Booker.

Ashley got fired and got the news about her foreclosure on the same day. Jump starting her positive sign project, as a way to help locals facing tough times while also inspiring herself to keep moving forward as she pressed to find another job to help pay the bills.

"When I thought about my house getting foreclosed it just was unbearable and I didn't know what else to do but to go stand somewhere and give back some light because I was in darkness" says Booker.

Those close to Ashley have started a go fund me page for her, they say she's a kind and giving person and is deserving of a helping hand.

"This is someone who took this bad thing and went out in our community and tried to give something to all of us. I see everyone posting on Facebook about her standing out there with her sign, if every person that was impacted by her signs donated five or ten dollars to the go fund me we can save her home" says Lysa Walters, supportive neighbor.

She hopes the community will help Ashley continue her mission of helping everyone just make it to the next day.

To donate to Ashley visit her go fund me account at this link: https://www.gofundme.com/ms-positivity-needs-help