The Killeen Independent School District now serves 44,300 students according to spokesman Terry Abbott and the district is expected to grow at least one percent every year down the road. That is why the school district has a plan to expand over the next ten years.

Tuesday evening, the KISD Board of Trustees decided to start looking for contractors to break ground on a new middle school and elementary school in the district. The middle school, currently called MS #14, will take 30 months to complete and will be done in 2020. The campus will be located on Warriors Path near Pontotoc Tree Road and will hold 1,250 students. The new elementary school, now only known as ES #35, will take 19 months to complete and will be finished in 2019. That campus will be located on Morganite Lane and hold 1,050 students.

Abbott said the new middle school could receive students from seven other middle schools in the area including Rancier, Eastern Hills, Liberty Hill, Live Oak Ridge, Nolan, Palo Alto, and Union Grove. The new elementary school will see students from Alice W. Douse, Skipcha, Timber Ridge, and Cedar Valley. The district said location is the main factor in deciding what kids get sent, though they do accept requests.

"We'll take any request that we get, but we have specific guidelines that determine what transfers can be made," Abbott said. "First obviously, the homes of the families in that area will be zoned to the school and then we will rezone the other schools depending on the needs for overcrowding."

The new middle school will cost $54.034 million and the elementary school around $37.13 million, but the district said that money has already been budgeted well in advance so it won't require a tax increase.

However, the district is looking for more funding for up to five additional schools. At the Tuesday Board of Trustees meeting, the bond steering committee discussed bond amounts ranging from $175 million to $500 million.

The board will consider the Bond Steering Committee's recommendation and would make a final decision in February 2018, according to KISD.