TEMPLE- The Killeen Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization has declared the month of May, National Bike Month. With that being said, they are working on improving the bike system in Central Texas. The organization has received a number of comments from the community stressing the need for more bike trails that connect each other.

Jason Deckman, Regional Planning Manager of KTMPO, says, "our job is to do transportation planning for the entire region. For all transportation users from truckers to drivers to pedestrian and bicyclists." That's why the committee has created a number of projects to make it all possible. They plan to find the gaps in the trails, hoping to connect you the rider from parks, to your home, and to your school, among other places.

But they need your help. They've created an online mapping tool with three different maps. The project map which shows the current projects the organization is working on. The second map is the bicycle pedestrian map which is the map that shows the different trails available. The third map is the safety map which helps identify the best and safest routes for you to take. With their only mapping tool, members of the community can go online and help the committee identify trails they didn't know about and help fill in the gaps of the current trails.

Increasing the bike system in Central Texas will help eliminate some issues like congestion along with air quality. Most importantly, it's a great means of exercise. The committee is also launching the Fitness Friendly Business allowing local businesses to join the bicycle movement.