Local city elections frequently see less than 10 percent voter turnout, but Bell County voters will have important decisions to make in the upcoming May 6 vote.

There are 16 different elections scheduled in Bell County alone.

In Killeen, more than half of city council is up for re-election in a vote that comes after a major budget crisis drew headlines last year. Buckholts and Morgan's Point Resort have mayoral races scheduled, and voters will choose from several candidates. There are also a handful of propositions on the ballot.

"There are several bond elections, there are liquor option elections going on, and there is the Salado de-annexation," Bell County Elections Administrator Shawn Snyder said.

The de-annexation Snyder was talking about, if passed, would mean half of Salado would actually leave Salado.

With major considerations like Salado's, Snyder expects voted turnout to be higher for this municipal election, compared to past votes.

If you voted in last year's presidential election, you are still registered for this vote. However, if you moved since the November election, you will need to re-register with your current address at the Bell County Annex by 5 p.m. Thursday.

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Below are sample ballots for the May 6 election:

Sample Ballot by Brandon Gray on Scribd