A Limestone County Judge, who was arrested Wednesday in Mart for DWI, blamed an "old home remedy" for asthma.

In a statement, Judge Daniel Burkeen said he suffers from asthma, which has been chronic in recent weeks.

"On what would have been my father's 90th birthday, I began thinking of his old home remedy, which involved whiskey, honey and lemon," Judge Burkeen explained. "I decided to try it, adding a chest decongestant to the mix, thinking it might help ease my breathing."

Judge Burkeen said it was "obviously a mistake" and "very irresponsible." He said he would not do it again, and he does not condone anyone, including himself, driving while intoxicated.

"I made a mistake and accept responsibility for it," Judge Burkeen said. "I don't normally drink."

He was released from jail Wednesday night.