In Texas, it is never too early to start thinking about high school football, but area officials are trying to fight a shortage that could impact your favorite team this fall.

The Texas Association of Sports Officials said they’re having trouble gaining enough officials to keep up with the boom in schools statewide. In Belton, where the school board is working on plans to add new schools, that may soon be the case in central Texas.

The Central Texas Football Chapter said they struggle retaining officials because a lot of their members are active-duty military. Getting new members in when more experienced officials retire is another problem.

Steven Davis, President of the TASO Central Texas Football Chapter said they have a big influx of people retiring and officials moving.

“We’re not retaining guys because of those two big reasons,” he said.

One of the ways they have to cope is taking officials off of games. By working with fewer officials on games, the chapter said there are more penalties they are not able to see and the risk injuries to players goes up.

Starting Monday, the chapter will be holding new member training at Belton High School.

The training will run every Monday through May 22nd.

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