A Harker Heights coach who battled cancer with loads of support from the central Texas community is now cancer free and he is ready to begin the next chapter of his life.

Kye Robertson recently reunited with his family and is now back home after a difficult year long journey fighting cancer. He said now that the worst of it is behind him, he’s focused on getting back to teaching, coaching and making memories with his family.

A husband and wife spending time together at home – cooking dinner. It might seem like a typical Monday night for many families but for the Robertson family it’s nothing short of a miracle.

One year ago, Kye Robertson found out he had a rare form of cancer.

The Harker Heights High School teacher, football, and baseball coach had to leave everything behind and head to MD Anderson in Houston for 10 months to begin rigorous treatment to save his life.

In his absence, his team and fellow community members rallied, making shirts and bracelets in Kye’s honor. They even did yard work for him while #TeamKye Facebook page flooded with prayers and well wishes.

“Thank you so much for your love and support it’s been amazing,” Robertson said.

But no one cheered Kye on more than his wife Maci and their two small children. Maci drove back and forth to Houston to care for Kye and keep things in order at home.

“It really helped prioritize our family and how we handle our family life and it’s really brought us closer together,” Maci Robertson said.

Kye said he had to fight if he wanted to come home.

“I gotta fight there’s no other way around this,” he said. “I’ve got to fight and get through this if I want to come home, if I want to come back to teaching and coaching, if I want to be a family man.”

And just two weeks ago – a sound of triumph. Kye rings the bell to signify he’s caner free.

“The doctor said o yeah your cancer is gone,” he said. “It’s just a relief off your shoulders I think I just stared at one spot on the wall because it’s been a long process.”

Maci said they have a second shot.

“We had a second go at life and at bettering ourselves and our family,” Maci said.

Now trusting a higher power to lead the way.

Kye will have checkup appointments once a week, but plans to return to teaching at Harker Heights High School in August.