It’s dubbed medicine that doesn’t come in a bottle.

National non-profit “help heal vets” in Temple gives craft kits to veterans as a form of therapy.

What started as a mission to help Vietnam veterans back in 1971 has grown over the years and now its mission is expanding even more.

Until six months ago, the non-profit was known as “Help Hospitalized Veterans.”

The organization aims to help all veterans recovering from all types of injuries, including the invisible wounds of war, like PTSD or traumatic brain injury.

Craft Care Specialist Trish Alger told Channel 6 there’s a steady stream of veterans coming in during the day to pick up a craft. Some finish them in only one night.

The crafts range in variety and in difficulty.

Veterans can build anything from wooden clocks or wagons to leather purses or jewelry.

It is more than just projects for these veterans, they can save a life.

“If it’s just you and a vet, they are more open to sharing,” Alger said. “He actually did point out, he said thank you, if it hadn’t been for you, I would have killed myself a long time go. It hurts to hear that.”

Alger said every day she will hear veterans say the crafts are helping them stay calm and focused in life.