At one point, Eunice Carol, who is the owner of a small home on Preston Street in Waco, had three different spots where she kept buckets to prevent water from leaking into the house.

Thankfully, after receiving a grant from the city, Waco Community Development were able to help.

"One of the things that we try to do is to keep these old great old homes around, and were able to keep them by having a roof on them,” said Waco Community Development Executive Director Mike Stone.

Waco Community Development has been re-roofing houses for families who can't afford to get their homes fixed. There's an application process to apply and a priority is placed for disabled and elderly people like Carol, who has dealt with health issues.

"We'll I have a bad back, and for me lifting water was straining my back more. So, it’s wonderful not to have to worry about the water," said Carol.

Stone said Waco Community Development's mission to inspire and cultivate healthy neighborhoods. He added there are also community organizers working with local schools and churches.

The Waco Community Development have built 57 new homes and re-modeled 20. Stone said with the service projects like the roof repairs, they've managed to help about 140 local families.

"We want to make sure the homeowner's roof is good and they don't have to worry about that anymore or buckets in their house," Stone said.

Waco Community Development said they will have another round of applications soon.

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