Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States.

Despite pundits claiming his win was improbable and polls suggesting an uphill climb, Mr. Trump delivered a victory speech in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

While McLennan County Republicans rejoiced, the mood inside Poppa Rollos, the site of the McLennan County Democrats' watch party, grew increasingly somber in the hours leading up to Mr. Trump's win. By midnight, tears were shed by supporters of Mrs. Clinton, as local anti-establishment Republicans rejoiced.

By late Wednesday morning, the focus had shifted to ensuring a peaceful transition of power from President Barack Obama's administration to that of President-elect Donald Trump.

"I think if we undertake an attitude of what's best for the country, even though we may disagree in principle...people will pull together," McLennan County Republican Party Chairman Jon Ker told Channel Six.

In Bell County, Democrats were upset with the loss of the White House but pleased with the strides the party has made in garnering local support in a traditionally conservative state. In a surprise upset, Democrat Claudia Brown defeated longtime Justice of the Peace, Republican Garland Potvin, to serve Precinct 4, Place 1 in Bell County. Judge Potvin has held the seat for more than two decades.

"We're not giving up," Bell County Democratic Party Chair Chris Rosenberg told Channel Six. "We're not going away. We made enormous progress in Bell County."

At the state level, Attorney General Ken Paxton has expressed his belief that Mr. Trump's administration could end the barrage of lawsuits Texas has filed against the White House during President Obama's tenure. The state has sued Mr. Obama's administration 46 times since 2008. The cases range in issue from immigration to the environment.