In 2015, a Cameron man received some disheartening news -- he had kidney disease.

The man's name is Jesus Cerecerez. He knows all too well about the disease. Someone very close to him suffered through the same predicament.

"Scared I didn't know what to expect I've seen my mother and all she went through I couldn't imagine it," Cerecerez said.

Jesus' mother fought the disease for over 20 years. All signs led to an uphill battle for him.

An avid church goer, Cerecerez turned to Pastor Basilio Montez for comfort. They have known each other for over ten years and are like family to each other.

"We sat down and we cried and we were upset and it's just something we knew we could overcome," Cerecerez said.

Pastor Montez has been preaching, praying and guiding at Holy Cross Baptist Church for over 14 years. Now, he is faced with a different task. Montez is being called upon to save Jesus' life.

Cerecerez made the donor list in 2016, but was told by doctors it could take up to a year before a match was found for him. That's when Pastor Montez stepped in.

"I would talk to god and say what else can I do," Montez said. "We're encouraging (Jesus). We're praying for him, and as clearly as you hear my voice, I heard (God's) voice and he told me I want you to go get tested."

Montez listened to his message from above despite his fear of needles, and got tested at Baylor Scott and White in Temple to see if he was a potential match for Cerecerez.

The results came in, and all prayers had been answered.

"I remember CAT said pastor you're a perfect match for (Jesus)," Montez said. "Of course I got....overwhelmed it's something we had been praying about."

Cerecerez and Montez will undergo surgery Friday, and said the donor pairing is all by the grace of God.

"If I can honor god by giving a part of myself to help brother Jesus live... praise god," Montez said.

For more information on how to donate to the family, click here.

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