The Killeen Police Department is stepping up patrols to catch drunk drivers on Saint Patrick's Day.

On Friday, extra officers will focus on locating and arresting impaired drivers, who pose a hazard, the department announced in a press release.

"It is the goal of this program to prevent potential injuries and loss of life to local drivers and travelers," KPD Spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez said.

The increased patrols are funded through a Texas Department of Transportation grant called the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program.

Local bars are taking extra precautions as well. For management at the Tilted Kilt, home to the city’s biggest St Patrick’s day celebration, they are making sure to pull out all the stops to make safety a priority.

“There will be security at all the doors and if there is an incident we will make sure they get an Uber or a ride home, I’ve even had my busers give people rides in worst case scenarios.” Said David Smith the general manager.

If you spot someone driving recklessly, or someone you believe is impaired, police encourage you to call 911 with the vehicle's description, direction of travel and license plate number.

In McLennan County, Waco Police said they were not stepping up patrols specifically for Saint Patrick's Day, but they were increasing patrols for events happening in Waco this weekend.