As the new school year approaches, many military kids will be walking through the doors with all new classmates.

In Copperas Cove, teachers and counselors are getting special training to help those kids adjust.

It is called the Student to Student program, developed by the National Military Child Education Coalition.

The group is training Copperas Cove elementary and Junior High staff this week and five staff are heading back from training in Washington D.C.

Copperas Cove school leaders told Channel 6 when students are less stressed, they will be able to learn more.

About 25 percent of the students in CCISD are students with military parents and educators said the first two weeks of the school year are the most important for a good transition.

The teachers are learning interactive techniques to help kids get out of their shell.

Courtney Liverpool, Copperas Cove ISD English teacher said they will be able to come in and be able to have a peer show them around the school.

“Teachers will be able to give help, parents, they are relocating as well,” Liverpool said.

Educators said military kids have three times as many stressors as non-military children in a new school because they have to deal with issues like parents deploying and potentially returning with PTSD.