Very few people have faced more of an uphill battle in life than Allison Dickson.  


When she was diagnosed with Werding-Hoffman muscular dystrophy at a young age, she was given a year to live. Today, in the face off those odds she smiled as she was recognized by state representative Hugh Shine for her efforts in giving back to the community she was raised in.


After graduating from Southwestern University, in the top three of her class and then finishing first in her class as a graduate from Baylor Law school, Allison has dedicated her life to community outreach efforts, a endeavor, she says that is inspired by those who helped her to where she is.


“I have been given so much by my family, my community, my educators, they didn't give up on me, so I’m trying to show these students that I’m not giving up on them


Allison, is driven by a fierce sense of determination and a belief in the future of her community.


However, it is her passion for education that has inspired the scholarships she has worked tirelessly to create, one of which she kicked off today, to benefit a Temple College student.


It’s that spirit, and that unwavering willpower that has inspired countless people who have the privilege of meeting her, and will continue to inspire countless more for years to come.


“I really believe It’s really not what you say but its what you do at the end of the day so i hope that by my actions and by my positivity that I can show people that anything is possible." She says.