Hundreds of Baylor students prayed and walked one of their peers to class Friday morning after a recent incident left the student feeling unsafe on campus. Baylor student Natasha Nkhama fought back tears Friday morning as she addressed hundreds of her peers and other Baylor faculty, staff and alumni that gathered to walk her to class.

However it was more than just a friendly gesture, earlier in the week Natasha claims a complete stranger shoved her and called her the 'N' word on campus. She says the guy who did it said it was because he was trying to make America great again. Natasha shared her story on Twitter where it quickly went viral and sparked the hashtag #IwalkwithNatasha and #IwalkwithTasha. Baylor supporters that prayed for Natasha and walked her to class say it's important to show that hateful behavior won't thrive at Baylor.

"I teach here and I need every student that I teach to know that they are safe here and they are loved" says Baylor teacher Julie Degraffenried.

"I do hope the march will create a safer campus but if it doesn't we will stand with the marginalized" says Baylor student Rennekia Goffney.

"I've experienced some of the same things she experienced so it's not anything new but it's something that we do need to pay more attention to, Ruby Bridges walked by herself but Natasha is not going to walk by herself" says Baylor alum Elizabeth Ligawa.

"Natasha is one of my best friends and so I just think it's so important for her to know she's not alone. I'm so proud of her for sharing because it's making a difference" says Baylor student Corrie Coleman.

Natasha says the showing of love and support from her university has been overwhelming.

"I didn't think anyone would take it that far or care at all but I'm just glad that there's people on campus who just have no tolerance for hate. I hope that it doesn't happen to anyone ever again but if it does people can feel like they can talk about it and have an open platform" says Baylor student Natasha Nkhama.

Baylor was aware of the alleged incident and the march following it. They released a statement to Channel 6 News saying "The behavior is deeply disturbing and does not reflect in any way Baylor's faith or values. We wholeheartedly condemn the behavior. We have connected with the student and are working with her to ensure she feels safe and supported by the Baylor community."

The schools interim president Dr. David Garland also participated in the march. Natasha says she doesn't recall what her alleged attacker looks like other than that he was a white male. She hasn't filed a police report yet and says she is not sure if she will because she says she wants to focus on the positive and not the negative.