A Mclennan County Judge is cracking down after a staggering number of people didn't show up for jury duty.

All in all 363 different people didn't show up to perform their civic duty when jury selection began for six different trials on February 20th, that's just over half of the pool that the court requested to show up, according to the district clerk that's the lowest participation in recent memory.

That low participation rate caused Judge Matt Johnson of the 54th district court to take action, he issued show - cause orders to all those absentees which is essentially an order to show up and explain why they weren't able to attend or face the possibility of being found in contempt of court. However only 67 people of that original 363 showed up today, all of which were either rescheduled or excused based on an exemption. The remaining 233 will be issued writs of attachment by a sheriffs deputy which is essentially similar to a warrant to show up i court. It's a process that is not only time consuming but is also costing the taxpayers money.

"If people don't respond to our summons that take 50 to 70 cents to send out then we have to go send sheriffs deputies to go find them and it gets more expensive for the county to fill jury trials. The least expensive way for taxpayers is to comply with their summons" Says District Clerk John Gimble.