UPDATE (4/4/17): The injured boy was "doing better" Tuesday, and doctors planned to move him to a "regular room" at the hospital.

Updated Story:

A Castleman Creek Elementary School student was airlifted to the hospital after a head injury Monday afternoon.

The 8-year-old boy tripped and fell, hitting his head on something inside the school, a source confirmed, adding the incident, which was caught on school surveillance camera, was a complete accident.

The fall happened early in the school day, and the boy was evaluated at the time of the fall. But, he did not begin showing symptoms of a serious head injury until around lunchtime, at which point an ambulance was called to the school. A medical helicopter was later dispatched and airlifted the boy to a local hospital. The helicopter left the school just before 1:30 p.m.

"It's scary how something so simple could have a severe consequence," said Midway ISD Spokesperson Traci Marlin, who expressed her sympathies for the family.

Principal Mandy Johnson sent the following email to parents just before 2:00 p.m.:

"Early this afternoon, we called for an ambulance for a student suffering symptoms from a head injury. The student was then care-flighted for expedited treatment. Our students were brought inside the building, but they are most likely aware of the ambulance and helicopter outside of the school today. Please speak with your children at home this evening to help them through their feelings and concerns about this situation. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the student and his family."

The district confirmed the student was awake, had no internal bleeding, and hospital tests had gone well on Monday. In an update Tuesday, the district said he was "doing better" and would be moved to a regular hospital room.