Teachers from a local school district are on high alert after they were warned their personal information was leaked on the Internet.

The Texas Association of School Boards(TASB) sent a letter to teachers at Midway ISD, which stated the names, social security numbers, and other personal information of the teachers were visible online.

Officials told Channel 6 the leak affected Midway ISD employees from the 2016-17 school year.

According to reports, the website application that exposed the information is used by the TASB to report wages to the Texas Workforce Commission.

The TASB said in a statement it shut down the online application and began an investigation to determine what caused the leak.

Channel 6 reached out to Midway ISD for comment, and the school district did not respond.

Meanwhile, Hewitt Police Department Chief James Devlin said if anyone believes a similar situation has happened to them, to contact local law enforcement immediately.

"What we do for folks when they come in if they believe their identity has been compromised, we will normally refer them to the Texas Attorney General's website," Devlin said. "On that website, there is a ton of information where folks can go and if they are a victim of identity theft, help them navigate through that mess of what's going to happen as far as credit is concerned."

TASB said it will provide a free year of credit monitoring services for the affected Midway ISD employees, and have set up a toll-free line for them to call for additional information. The organization urges anyone who received a letter about the incident to take the situation seriously because the leak affects not only central Texas teachers, but teachers statewide.