Soldiers from Fort Hood's 1st Cavalry Division are participating in 'Cav Week 2017' events June 5-9.

This year's event coincided with the 1st Cavalry Division Association's alumni reunion activities being held in Killeen June 7-11.

On Thursday, veteran families bonded over paint brushes and palettes. Some of the alumni had not seen each other in 40 years.

The alumni association's program director said the painting event was a way to honor the spouses who stood by their soldiers while they served in the trenches of war. Charlene Johnson, who attended the art event at Painting with a Twist, said she was only 19 when her husband shipped off to Vietnam.

"We'd talk from Vietnam on Ham Radio," Johnson said. "And, you couldn't say much because the guy would go 'I have a call for you,' say 'over,' and then it went to another Ham operator, and then it came to me and then I'd go, 'Hi Honey.'"

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