Brigade Commander John Woodward with the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team says they are prepared to go anywhere they are assigned.

"We've taken the mission and run with it. We've got a lot of partnerships with several countries around the Middle East, assuring our partners we're here to protect them and defend their borders," said Woodward.

The Colonel says he had a chance to meet with the only armored division of the Jordanian Army earlier this month. He told KCEN it's a move towards security cooperation. The Greywolf Brigade will train with King Abdullah's Army soon before Ramadan begins, along with Italian allies.

"We have a mil to mil exercise where we'll train with the Jordanian forces in an operation. We'll have an opportunity to execute maneuver training and live fire training as well."

Colonel Woodward announced on Twitter appreciation of support from the Kuwaiti nation in the fight again ISIS. The 3rd ABCT may take on day and night qualification training as well as work with regional partners, but soldiers also enjoy an occasional morale boosting experience.

NFL players flew over to Kuwait for a visit, including Cameron Jordan, Delanie Walker and Byron Maxwell.

"I guess the best thing that happened is the NFL players participated in an enlistment ceremony for about 37 of our soldiers that participated and raised their right hand and took the oath to enlist for several more years," Woodward told KCEN.

Colonel Woodward says soldiers also have morale boosting opportunities to experience the local culture and food while overseas.