More than 100 people gathered in Cameron Saturday to honor two fallen heroes.

But the community didn't just mourn -- they marched eight miles to show support for the soldier's families.

Both 2nd. Lt. Darren Andrews and Master Sgt. Charles Price were Cameron Yoemen, served in the Army, and died serving their country.

A ruck march held in the Yoemen's hometown Saturday by community members and fellow soldiers from across the country. The march was led by an amputee, who now works to inspire other veterans and their families.

The amputee, Earl Granville, is part of Oscar Mike -- a veterans organization that helps injured soldiers.

Granville and Cameron local Bobbie Wiseman worked together to make the march possible. The march traveled north through the center of the city before returning to Cameron Park, where the community held a memorial service for the pair of fallen soldiers.

Organizers spoke in support of the family before presenting them with wooden flags to honor their lost loved ones. They encouraged the community to continue supporting Gold Star families.

The soldiers' loved ones said the event left them in higher spirits.

"We do other memorial things and you bring back memories, events, you have to push them back again," Sondra Andrews, mother of Darren Andrews, said. "But this has been different. Really lively, everybody's been real positive."

The families said the loss still hurts, but the positive memories and community support from Saturday will keep them going.