The Central Texas State Cemetery upgrades are finally close to being finished after starting the project a year ago.

The Veterans Land Board acquired the veterans cemetery, the largest one in Texas, back in 2006. Ever since, it was apparent the cemetery needed a makeover to properly honor those who lost their lives to serve the country.

"It's our honor to make sure these hallowed grounds are dignified for the families when they come here," Doug Gault, Chief On-Site Representative, said.

For Gault, a retired Command Sgt. Maj., a job at the Veterans Land Board is his calling.

"My whole career I've been taking care of soldiers and their families. So now, this was a good opportunity for me to take care of soldiers and their families," Gault said.

According to Gault, the list of upgrades in the year-long project includes reconstructing one of three scattering gardens for loved ones of fallen soldiers to go and sprinkle the loved one's ashes, installing wind screens where the services are held, and rehabilitating the walkways to the grave sites.

The Memorial Day service normally takes place at the cemetery, but will be held at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center this year due to the unfinished construction. Gault said they wished the upgrades would be done, but storms delayed the project.

The service begins at 10 a.m. on Memorial Day, May 29th.