FORT HOOD - The 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood welcomed new leadership to the "First Team" Tuesday, as outgoing Major General John Thomson headed over to III Corps to support the Phantom Warriors' deployment, and Major General Paul Calvert took his place.

At the Change of Command ceremony, General Thomson said it was a "Cav-tastic" day at Cooper Field on post. It was a bittersweet day for the General, and he told Channel 6 he wishes he could stay with the division longer.

"It's about keeping Fort Hood as the Great Place and about being ready now and about the entire Corps being ready to accomplish our mission when called," he said. Thomson added he stays in touch with III Corps Commanding General Lieutenant General Paul Funk while he is overseas leading the fight against ISIS.

Incoming Major General Paul Calvert was recently the Deputy Commanding General for Maneuver. He deployed to Afghanistan as part of a train, advise and assist program.

The change in leadership took place as 7,000 soldiers are currently deployed around the world in places like Kuwait and South Korea. About 1,900 Air Cavalry Brigade soldiers head to Europe later in October.

U.S. Forces Command General Robert Abrams said troops like the Black Jack Brigade, deployed to South Korea, are ensuring combat readiness during an especially dangerous period.

General Calvert said, looking forward, he is excited to teach, coach and mentor soldiers around the world.

"You use chain of command and you use technology. There's messaging that's got to go along with that but the beauty of the technology we have now, we have the ability to reach out and touch commanders at echelon," he said.

Military leaders noted the families shoulder the heaviest load while their soldiers fight.