CSM T.J. Baird took over the senior enlisted role of the III Corps 504th Intelligence Unit from CSM Ryan Hipsley during a change of command ceremony Friday.

The 504th is the only intelligence unit in III Corps and supports Army divisions too.

Baird, who has served 24 years active duty in the Army and served numerous deployments, said he wants to coach, teach and mentor his soldiers.

Friday's change in responsibility ceremony comes days after the U.S. Department of the Army announced they will keep another intelligence unit on Fort Hood in place to increase combat readiness.

Baird told Channel 6 the news is fantastic and will help the units pass sensitive information from overseas back to Fort Hood.

"It allows us the capability for reach back as we're deployed," Baird said. "There's a lot of stuff that goes on, a lot of it can be done forward, but it's very taxing on soldiers as well. And what we try to do is not lose information we have and so we can use our soldiers back here, connect back to them."